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Current Events 
Day/Time  Tuesday 10:45-12:15 
Location Mashpee Senior Center
Session12 weeks 30-Jan
Limit: 22

In our class, we discuss what is happening locally, in our state, in our country and around the world. Members are encouraged to participate, expressing their ideas, thoughts and opinions. Prepare to be open minded with others who do not share your opinions.

Coordinator: Bob Calzini and Dean Troxell

Bob has taught and served in school administration in Natick, in Mashpee, and in Europe. He has taught this course over 10 times. Dean has been active in A.L.L. for over nine years. He has had a long-time interest in current events, history, and sports. Above all, he encourages class participation.




Current National and International Events 
Day/Time  Thursday 3:00-4:20 
Location C-115
Session 12 weeks 1-Feb
Limit: 25

Participants will be encouraged to express ideas, opinions, and points of view about national and international issues. Class members will have the opportunity to make presentations and lead discussions. We will explore breaking news and encourage active critical and analytical debate. No text required.

Coordinator:Alan Berger and John Ward

John, a UK native, is a retired international banker with an MBA and has a keen interest in current events both domestic and international. Alan is a long time A.L.L. member sharing John's interest in world affairs. He has an MBA and a background in marketing and finance.




News and the World Outside the USA 
Day/Time  Wednesday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-115
Session12 weeks 31-Jan
Limit: 25

How do others see us? This course is a continuation of the Fall course and deals with hearing the voices of others to help us understand the world from a perspective that is often different from that of the American press and media. We will look at the United States in the foreign media, parallel events in the United States and in other places, items of local concern to foreign lands and, finally, news in the foreign press deemed interesting in its own right. Print and non-print sources are used. New class members are welcome to join as no presumed knowledge is required. Please refer to

Coordinator: Arthur Pontes

Arthur retired from teaching at the Sturgis Charter Public School in 2015. He spent 45 years as a teacher, 25 of which were spent in four schools abroad in Europe and South America.




Putin's Game Plan 
Day/Time  Thursday 10:45-12:15 
Location Mashpee Senior Center
Session 12 weeks 1-Feb
Limit: 25

This course will explore the history and character traits that have made Putin who he is and the events and policies that can give a clue to his future actions.

Coordinator: Stew Goodwin

After a 35 year career in the international investment business Stew has been involved with many Cape organizations. For over a decade he has coordinated more than a dozen courses at A.L.L. and given five lectures.




The 15 Global Challenges. 
Day/Time  Wednesday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-115
Session Second 6 weeks 21-Mar
Limit: 20

This is a course based on the 15 Challenges of the Future, a product of the global think tank, and The Millennium Project ( The 15 Challenges include The Environment, Population Growth, Global Communication and the Internet, Global Economies, Science and Technology, and Global Ethics. The core concepts form a wondrous synthesis of the challenging issues in our and our children's future. Students will be expected to read information prior to class in order to have a data-based discussion group. The course text is State of the Future, version 19.0 at $29.95 on-line; however, the free Short Summary of each challenge will be adequate for the course and can be seen and copied and pasted at

Coordinator: Thomas Murphy

Tom is a retired Physician/Radiologist who has taught these challenges for the last 20 years.