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Understanding and Loving the World's Great Music Part II 
Day/Time  Tuesday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-115
Session12 weeks 29-Jan
Limit: 25

This 12 week course is a survey of Western classical music from Beethoven to the present that will place the music in its historical and sociological context. We will present brief biographies of the composers, and give musical examples to demonstrate the changing styles of composition and open the door to a body of work to which the class members may never have been exposed. Opera and its notable performers will be reviewed. At least one lecture will be devoted to women composers.

Coordinator: David Quinn

David's love of classical music started at about age 5 and was nurtured by piano lessons at the Faelten Piano School in Boston followed by self education ever since. He has taught at high school and college levels. Selections from his extensive collection of recordings will be used as examples in class.