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Musica Cubana 
Day/Time  Tuesday 3:00-4:20 
Location C-106
SessionFirst 6 weeks 29-Jan
Limit: 25

The small island nation of Cuba has had a huge impact on music around the world. Class time will be spent listening to and discussing the musical styles which developed in Cuba, including Danzon, Rumba, Son, Conga, Bolero, Mambo and Timba. We will also look at music which developed in other countries, based on Cuban forms, such as Afro-Cuban Jazz and Salsa.

Coordinator: Greg Polanik and Corina Iukovici

A semi professional musician by night, Greg has over 50 years of performing experience and has studied music theory and Jazz history. He traveled to Havana twice to research Cuban music. Corina shares Greg's love of Cuban music and Havana. She is doing research and working on the computer presentation for the class. Corina coordinated, with Greg, an A.L.L. Jazz Fundamentals course in 2015.