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The Beatles: A Magical Musical Tour 
Day/Time  Monday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-115
Session 12 weeks 28-Jan
Limit: 25

The course will offer a historical and critical analysis of the monumental contributions of The Beatles not only to music but to Western culture as well. Almost every one of their albums broke new ground and they demonstrated that pop/rock music was capable of incorporating numerous musical styles, harmonies, and song forms. Virtually all innovations in pop/rock music from the mid-sixties to the present owe a debt to one (or more) of The Beatles' albums. We will trace the development of The Beatles from their beginnings through their solo careers, looking at them both from a musical and a sociological perspective

Coordinator: Lew Taylor

Lew is a retired public librarian and has both a BA and MA in American History. Lew has taught many courses at A.L.L. and is the owner of I Cannot Live Without Books in West Dennis.