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Six Negotiations that Shaped the 20th Century 
Day/Time  Monday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-106
Session Second 6 weeks 10/29
Limit: 25

This course will examine the historical context, behavior of the participants, and global consequences of six transformative 20th century negotiations: (1) WWI Versailles Peace Conference, 1919, (2) Munich accord, 1938, (3) U.S. Japan pre-Pearl Harbor negotiations, 1941, (4) Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962, (5) Vietnam War negotiations, 1969 to 73, and (6) Egypt- Israel Camp David Accord, 1978. Besides their historical significance, the six cases provide examples of different types of diplomacy: multilateral negotiation, appeasement vs. deterrence, cross cultural communication, bargaining in a nuclear crisis, inter-ally negotiations, and high level mediation.

Coordinator: Russell Leng

Russell is the James Jermain Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Middlebury College. This is his third A.L.L. course.