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 ALL 1108  
Immigration in America 
Day/Time  Wednesday 2:00-3:15 
Location North/South Hall
Session First 6 weeks 11-Sep
Limit: 25

The course examines the history, politics, and practice of immigration in the US including current legal and administrative practice and policy issues. There will be power point presentations and on-line information given in class.

Coordinator: Richard Vengroff

Richard, a professor emeritus at University of Connecticut with over 40 years in higher education as professor and dean, is currently a certified immigration advisor in the CACCI Immigration Resource Center in Falmouth.




 ALL 801  
Massachusetts Criminal Procedure 
Day/Time  Thursday 3:00-4:20 
Location C-115
Session 12 weeks 12-Sep
Limit: 25

Learn how the state criminal system works. We will refer to news articles about current crimes on Cape Cod to explore how the cases are dealt with in theory. Students should start clipping articles about cases in Massachusetts that they find intriguing.

Coordinator: Randi Potash

Randi has been in criminal defense practice since the 1990s and has represented over 4000 clients accused of every crime from murder to traffic violations.