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Such a GOOD idea! 
Day/Time  Wednesday 1:30-2:50 
Location C-106
Session Second 6 weeks 21-Mar
Limit: 25

Every day, millions of people think, 'There oughta be a better way!' and have flashes of inspiration about how to make something easier to accomplish, faster, more efficient and less expensive. Undoubtedly, you've also had such flashes of insight from time to time. Here's a chance to liberate the 'inventor within' and bring new insights into fuller expression. In a climate of fun messing around with ideas and creative problem solving, ignite that inventor within and bring, who knows what flashes of insight and really GOOD ideas about how to make something better into fuller expression!

Coordinator: Nina Greenwald

Nina is an educational psychologist in the Graduate Program of Critical and Creative Thinking at UMass-Boston. She is a published author and educator/trainer who specializes in creative thinking, problem solving, invention and innovation, humor and thinking, and gifted education.