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Tips & Techniques for Travelers 
Day/Time  Monday 9:00-10:20 
Location Downtown Campus, Hyannis
SessionSecond 6 weeks 19-Mar
Limit: 22

Whether you are ready to travel at a moment's notice, like to plan your trips well in advance, or are an armchair traveler, join us as we uncover travel secrets that will help you make the most of any trip and save you money. We will explore popular and off the beaten track destinations, discuss great travel resources, and share secrets that will help you plan and enjoy your trip. We will take virtual trips to locales you might want to consider for your next adventure. Classmates will be encouraged to share travel tips and advice. Many resources will be provided.

Coordinator: Connie Champlin

Connie has traveled extensively for the past 40 years to practically every state in the Union, as well as almost every continent. She has taught this class several times at A.L.L.