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Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism 
Day/Time  Friday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-115
SessionSecond 6 weeks 23-Mar
Limit: 25

Let us explore this invigorating teaching of hope, victory, and personal discovery. We will delve into learning about our interconnectedness with all life and how to tap into the enlightened nature we already possess. We will see how these profound Buddhist teachings can enrich our daily lives. Past participants have found it fun and enriching. This class is also suitable for students who have previously taken this course.

Coordinator: Susan Whalley and Steve Piontek

Susan, a semi-retired school counselor, has been a practicing Nichiren Buddhist for 40 years. Steve is a retired magazine editor and has been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for 43 years.




Religion and Politics 
Day/Time  Wednesday 2:00-3:15 
Location North/South Hall
Session12 weeks 31-Jan
Limit: 30

A discussion of religion, faith and other issues as they affect our lives on Earth.

Coordinator: Stephen R. Pastore

Stephen is the president of the Emile Zola Society (USA) and was the only American named to the Council of Management of the Thomas Hardy Society (UK). He is a published novelist and playwright and has taught at the university level for over 30 years.