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Mind and Matter 
Day/Time  Tuesday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-106
Session Second 6 weeks 20-Mar
Limit: 25

The relationship of mind to matter has puzzled philosophers and scientists for centuries. This course explores the power of mind, as seen for example in the placebo effect, in yoga siddhis, and in quantum mechanics. The evidence raises serious doubts about the commonly held theory that mind is wholly reducible to brain. The class will include lectures, discussion, and brief readings. More information at

Coordinator: Sydney Lamb

Before retiring, Syd was a professor of linguistics and cognitive science at Rice University. He is the author of Pathways of the Brain (1999) and Language and Reality (2004). At A.L.L. he has taught Mind and Belief, Mind and Matter, Mind and Music, and the Evolution of Brain and Language.




The Believing Brain 
Day/Time  Tuesday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-115
Session Second 6 weeks 20-Mar
Limit: 25

The focus of this class will be Michael Shermer's book The Believing Brain, chapters 12-14 discussion of why people believe, what they believe, and why we (class members) believe what we believe - or don't believe.

Coordinator: Barbara Leedom

Barbara has coordinated many open discussion courses where class members share their views on the big questions of our lives.




Using Children's Literature to Teach Science 
Day/Time  Friday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-106
SessionFirst 6 weeks 2-Feb
Limit: 20

In 1991, Pat received the Connecticut Christa McAuliffe Fellowship for her program Using Children's Literature to Teach Science. In 2009, she created the website which contains 100 books linked to a simple, basic science activity. Each week we will cover one aspect of science. These activities would be fun to share with grandchildren and friends. Please bring scissors, tape, glue stick, crayons or colored pencils. The text will come from this website: https: //

Coordinator: Patricia McKean

Pat was a classroom science teacher for 44 years, starting in at the college level and ending in Pre-School through 4th grade. She has presented teacher and student workshops nationally and internationally and specializes in teaching science through literature. She currently serves as a Science Education Consultant, and as a Peer Reviewer for the National Science Teachers Association’s journal Science and Children.