ALL 1111 
An Exercise in American Civics 
Day/Time  Thursday 3:00-4:20 
Location C-106
SessionSecond 6 weeks 24-Oct
Limit: 25

In this increasingly cynical age we will confront some our most divisive issues and work out potential policy resolutions. To do this, we will need to develop some protocols and a democratic methodology that permits debate, respects serious divisions in values and opinion and fosters a willingness to compromise. Together we will not only offer a model of how resolution can be achieved but also offer language our hapless politicians can use for possible legislation. Handouts and a series of guiding research questions will be available before each class meeting.

Coordinator: Lawrence Brown

Larry has been a history teacher at Cape Cod Academy for 33 years and a columnist for the Cape Cod Times for 32. He has published five books, including a geography text with Addison Wesley and a book on Hindu theology.




 ALL 1101 
The Future of Work, the Future for Workers 
Day/Time  Thursday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-106
SessionSecond 6 weeks 24-Oct
Limit: 25

Rather than examining present debates about work, this class will explore the meaning and future of work for workers. One topic will be explored each week. They include: the American dream of success in the face of extreme and growing inequality, the offerings of speculative fiction writers on the topic of work, the impact of AI, the changing meaning of work in people's lives, and models of education for the changing world of work.

Coordinator: Marilyn Nouri

Marilyn has taught a variety of social science-based classes for A.L.L. She is a retired professor of sociology and life course studies at SUNY Oneonta.




 ALL 1087 
The Women Who Broke All the Rules 
Day/Time  Friday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-106
SessionSecond 6 weeks 25-Oct
Limit: 25

We will read, discuss, and study the historical context of The Women Who Broke All the Rules: How Choices of a Generation Changed Our Lives by Susan Evans and Joan Avis. This 1999 book looks a the journeys of female baby boomers who came of age just as societal expectations, laws, and norms were rapidly changing. How did these changes affect our choices and journeys? What about those subsequent generations of women and men?

Coordinator: Nancy Weida

Nancy has degrees in history, mathematics, and operations research. As a multidisciplinary college professor, Nancy shared her love of books, music, sports, and history with her students and now enjoys creating a wide variety of A.L.L. courses.