The courses listed below are currently FULL for the Spring 2018 Semester:

Keep checking back for updates...

Course #     Course Name

ALL029 Conversational French
ALL048 Current National and International Events
ALL055 Loving the Short Story
ALL228 History of the Early Middle Ages
ALL433 The Doc is IN
ALL711 Beginning Watercolor
ALL718 Mind and Matter
ALL780 The Writing Incubator
ALL920 Putin's Game Plan
ALL924 Carol King: Voice of Generations
ALL927 FUNNY Business!
ALL928 History of Rock and Roll: The 50s and 60s
ALL965 Intermediate Bridge
ALL978 American Oligarchy
ALL979 Historical Issues for Thought
ALL981 Frontier Legends and Native Americans
ALL982 Mah Jongg - Beginner
ALL985 Women in Music: Billie, Bessie, Bonnie and More
ALL986 Let's Talk about Food
ALL989 Bel Canto Operas
ALL991 A Brief History of London
ALL994 The US and Vietnam 1945-1975
ALL995 The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
ALL996 The Believing Brain
ALL999 The 15 Global Challenges
ALL1000 Korean War and Kim Jong Un


Cancelled Classes: 

The Korean War
Such a GOOD Idea! (Replaced by ALL701- Multiple Intelligences)
Intermediate Knitting


About A.L.L. 

The Academy for Lifelong Learning of Cape Cod, Inc. (“A.L.L.”) was established in 1987 as part of the Center for Successful Aging at Cape Cod Community College. In 1990, A.L.L. was “spun off” from the college and became an independent self-governing entity. In 2001 we obtained 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Throughout our history, A.L.L. has maintained a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the college.

A.L.L. is an organization of men and women aged 50 and older that offers its members the opportunity to pursue educational interests and to expand social relationships. Volunteerism is critical to A.L.L.’s ongoing success. Members are encouraged to become class coordinators, participate on committees, work on administrative activities, or just participate in any of A.L.L.’s activities and functions.

The opportunity for social interaction is an important aspect of A.L.L. In addition to classes, the academy offers social activities and special events such as lectures and trips to theater productions and museums in the area throughout the year.

A.L.L. offers primarily academic courses in addition to several creative and “how-to” courses. Classes vary from semester to semester. The academic offerings may include courses in literature, history, philosophy, the social sciences, religion, and art appreciation and interpretation. The creative and “how-to” courses may include topics such as gardening, painting, and various other skills of interest to our membership.

Members of A.L.L. present the courses and are known as “coordinators.” These volunteers bring their personal passions, avocations, and/or their teaching experience to our classes. Some courses are traditional in structure, where coordinators have the role of teacher, while other coordinators prefer a discussion structure and act as facilitators. There are two semesters or sessions per calendar year – fall and spring. Courses offerings are generally on either a six-week or a 12-week basis. A.L.L. courses are not for academic credit with the College or elsewhere. 

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